Gift Box Card

Make a Gift Box Card & Surprise your family and friends. 

Insert the photos of that person you want to surprise them.

Write some lines you want.

Use some colourful papers, handmade sheets, cizer, markers, thread, glue, pigeon wings, glitter etc.

Cut the papers in the shape of some hearts or somer designs with your choice,

Write some Quote in paper, make a drawing on a paper and paste it,

Put all the designs in its own place
Paste the thread in the box and paste heart shape paper’s,

Put a glue on the pigeon wings and sparkle the glitter in it,

Tie the thread and cut the conrners and shape like a pen


Create a box from the handmade sheets,

Write a Quote on a small paper cut the designs of the hearts to make a small Diary,

Make a drawing on a paper and paste it,
Make a too small box.

now your  box is ready….

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